Terça-feira, 18 de Março de 2008

Mais imagens da filmagem

As TMInsiders conseguiram estar mais uma vez no local das filmagens, proporcionando-nos estas fotos.

Além de assistirem a algumas cenas, ainda tiveram a oportunidade de falar com o elenco durante as suas pausas.



Bella na cena da colisão da carrinha(kristen está encostada à carrinha, a sua dupla está de blusão azul)


Robert com o seu duplo





Os Cullen com os seus carros


Rosalie e Alice




Robert a assistir á filmagem de Angela,Mike e Eric


Catherine and 'Mike'




Galeria de Fotos: http://fotos.sapo.pt/twilight_series/playview/16

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Eleno no set de filmagens

O elenco de Twilight ontem esteve no liveu de Kalamas em filmagens.

Estas são as primeiras fotos do elenco no set:





O duplo de Robert


Hellan Lutz


Robert e Kristen


Liceu de Kalama transformado no liceu de Forks


Catherine Hardwicke com Jackson ,Ashley e Nikki

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Segunda-feira, 17 de Março de 2008

Filmagens - Bella vai ter com James

Aqui estão as fotos das cenas em que Bella apanha um táxi para ir ter com James ao estúdio de Ballet.

Não se pode dizer com certezas em quais das fotos é Kristen e em quais é a sua dupla.



Achamos que nesta é Kristen





Galeria de Fotos: http://fotos.sapo.pt/twilight_series/playview/14

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Domingo, 16 de Março de 2008

Artigo no The Daily News Online

O The Daily News Online publicou um artigo sobre a preparação do filme  Twilight no liceu de Kalamas .

As filmagens serão na próxima semana e espera-se estarem finalizadas o mais tardar a 28 deste mês.

O Major da cidade, Pete Poulsen mostrou-se animado afirmando que este tipo de eventos são sempre emocionantes e interessantes na comunidade.

Se o resultado final tiver o êxito esperado Kalamas terá uma nova receita turística.


Para leres o artigo completo:

 The Daily News online



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Segunda-feira, 18 de Fevereiro de 2008

Mais um comentário sobre o casting

Caspianna também foi fazer o casting no passado domingo, o seu comentário deu-nos mais algumas informações


"There was a line around the block with an intense amount of fan girls and a few boys, many were reading the books in line. Once we all got a number we went into this huge room and they called us in groups of about 20. Being 742, I was there for a VERY long time. Still fun all the same. Around about 3 a guy named Danny came in to give us the low down and let us ask a few questions. They are in desperate need of a 1992 silverado truck and were asking for it. Might be Bella’s truck I don’t know, but Bella’s was much older, but that is a mighty specific truck to be looking for.

Some of the scenes are to be shot in a warehouse in Clackamas, that has no windows or anything to sneek anyone on set (drat). They also were hinting that most of the extras were to be used in as high school students (Shocking.) They already cast all the vampires (cause one little girl asked about being a vampire…which we know none exist in the movie….). and said that filming begins on the 27th or 28th and goes on for about 7 weeks. They said before that they wanted older crappy cars which, thank goodness, I have. But they said that newer cars would be needed for the prom scene? They needed a lot of extras and people can still apply online, but the hoard of people who showed up today would get priority.

I’ll let you know if I get any more info and if I get the call ^.^

Caspianna "


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Reportagem sobre o casting aberto

Este é o comentário de uma pessoa que foi fazer o casting aberto este domingo:


"Hey Everyone!

I thought I would give a brief summary of my experience today at the open casting call for extras in Portland. I just got home from the one and a half hour drive, but it was so worth it:) So, this morning, I got to the casting office at 12:45, and there was already an INSANE line of people--I'm talking about hundreds spanning an entire city block. I was like "oh crap," but totally resolute to wait it out. After about an hour, I finally got my number, 515, and was herded into a huge warehouse where all the other crazy Twilight people were gathered. To make this short, I ended up waiting in there for about 4 hours, while groups of twenty people were called in at a time. Finally it was my turn and my group was taken to the main office where we filled out a short online form and had our pictures taken. They also wanted to take a picture of my car, so it might show up in the film too! Now to the good stuff. The casting directors were totally willing to answer all our questions, so here's the limited information I now know:

Filming starts on February 27th or 28th
They're going to cast hundreds, if not a thousand, extras
You can still sign up to be an extra on their website
Filming will take 7 weeks
The PROM SCENE will be in the movie (yay!) because the casting dude said they needed people with nice cars for that scene
They were looking for peole who knew how to play baseball

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. I know it's not anything earth-shattering, but I had to share my experience since it took up the whole freaking day:)! Now I just have to wait and hope that they call me to be an extra; I have no idea what my chances are, but I will FREAK OUT if I'm hired!!! "




Obrigada Lauram


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